A New Way To Appreciate

Exceptional Alchemy

CoCo Bottle Club is an exclusive society that allows enthusiasts and collectors of unique spirits to access the world’s rarest bottles, discover legendary liquors, and experience unique releases through NFT technology. Instead of navigating intricate barriers within the luxury market and spending tens of thousands of dollars on a bottle at once — members can own a fraction of a Unicorn bottle one NFT at a time, and attend private tastings and memorable events that are otherwise inaccessible.

We’re enhancing the culture of luxury spirits appreciation through curated access, state-of-the-art innovation, and beautiful experiences — with an emphasis on authentic craftsmanship, passionate learning, and true community.


Ultra Special Bottles

Experience the best small-batch and limited releases by the world’s top distilleries and makers.

Ultra Special Curation

A collection curated and acquired by our specialists for CoCo Bottle Club members to sample and taste

Bottle Tasting

Members can buy 25-30ml drams or shots of the bottle to experience an exclusive tasting

Ultra Special Events

Experience Ultra Special bottles at members-only events and private locations


Unicorn Bottles

Revered legends and cult masterpieces that are ultra rare, far and few in between, and very rarely savoured… accessible only to those who know how to acquire them.

Unicorn Curation

Every Unicorn collection released by CoCo B.C. will be specially curated and acquired by a renowned specialist in the spirits industry

Fractionalised Bottle

Every bottle is digitally subdivided into a finite number of NFTs that composes the complete bottle — each attached to an art piece

Authentic Rights

Each NFT represents a legal right of a real bottle. By collecting all the NFT pieces of a Unicorn bottle, you’ll be able to redeem the physical bottle

Unique Artwork

Your NFT gives you ownership of an artwork created by an independent artist, commissioned by CoCo B.C. based on our values of diversity, inclusion, and craftsmanship


As a collector, you’ll be granted exclusive access to digital experiences, where you can virtually interact with your bottle and learn more about the story and craftsmanship behind the creation

Become a CoCo Bottle Club member to get access to ultra exclusive perks and experiences that are not available to outside collectors


Global Membership

Limited Slots

Only a fixed number of spaces will be available worldwide. Once you’re a CoCo Bottle Club member, you get exclusive access for life — no renewals or maintenance fees needed

Unique Artwork

Your own membership NFT designed by an exceptional artist and art conservator, featuring a character from the CoCo B.C. universe

Whitelist (“Pre-Sale”) Window

Access to presale minting for every bottle NFT collection released by CoCo B.C. — 48 hours ahead of everyone else

The CoCo B.C. Circle

Be part of a founding community of enthusiasts, collectors and industry experts in our private Discord room

Members Events

Experience unique drinking experiences featuring limited releases and collectibles by the world’s top distilleries and makers

The CoCo B.C. Exhibit

Our virtual (and in the future physical) gallery featuring Unicorn bottles acquired by CoCo B.C.

The Timeline

Q2 2022


CoCo Bottle Club is created by a team of whisky and technology enthusiasts, excited to redefine the art of collecting luxury in the 21st century. We’ve acquired our founding collection of Unicorn and Ultra Special bottles, and we’re currently building a community of fellow enthusiasts and experts

Q3 2022


The membership mint will be open to all. We’ve commissioned an independent Mexican artist and art conservator to design exclusive artwork for our members, based on the characters in the CoCo Bottle Club universe

Q4 2022


We’ll finalise the Smart Contract and fractionalisation of the 1st bottle collection for NFT purchases, and curate our 2nd Unicorn and Ultra Special bottle collections. Members can also look forward to our grand opening party, which will be held at a private venue

Q1 2023

CoCo B.C. 2.0

Rarer bottles, rarer art and rarer experiences as we continue to expand and disrupt the luxury bottle universe — that’s the CoCo promise

Our Founding Collection

Single Malt Legends


Our membership NFT artworks will pay a homage to the unusual, the mysterious and the bizarre — reflecting the extraordinary nature of our irreplicable and virtually unattainable Unicorn bottles


The fascinating metamorphosis of the semi-aquatic frog is reflective of the unique alchemy that takes place in the genesis of every rare bottle — from soil to distillery to ageing


A once extinct dog breed, in ancient times the Mexican Xolo was often sacrificed and buried with the owner to guide their soul to the underworld — our nod to the harvest season


A mascot of mystery, the owl is our custodian of the small, unnoticeable, and undiscovered changes that make every bottle, batch or blend irreplicable and unique to every person’s palette

The Axolotl

The Aztec god of fire and lightning, the wild Axolotl (or the tiger salamander), with its regenerative powers, represents the exothermic heat that is created through fermentation



Our rare bottles are only sourced, selected, priced and curated by renowned and experienced specialists

Authenticity Guarantee

Our rigorous curation process ensures that every bottle acquired comes with an authenticity guarantee, verified by the industry experts we work with

Carefully Stored

We store our bottles in specialised government-bonded warehouses and facilities managed by leading inventory companies across the world

Fully Insured

All bottles acquired by CoCo Bottle Club are insured with a market-standard policy to preserve their value

Collective Sustainability

We’re committed to offsetting the carbon footprint for the memberships and using proof-of-stake technology for all bottles acquired



Jose Valdovinos Larragain

A whisky enthusiast, Jose has founded and led multiple businesses in the Finance, Commercial and General Management sectors, and holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.
He’s currently going through an Islay phase and, depending on the mood, will have his single malt to Karma Police by Radiohead or Metallica’s Thin Lizzy cover of Whiskey In The Jar.


Alfonso de Borbon y Mateos

Spanning a 30-year career in advertising, Alfonso is also the CEO and Founder of Influence Media Lab, and former Director of Clients Services & Strategic Planning at McCann-Erickson in Spain. He winds down with a glass of MezcalDos Once to Viva La Vida by Coldplay.



A woman entrepreneur, highly trained in arts and museum-quality restoration (in fact she has done restoration and conservation in top museums of Spain and Mexico). The CoCo Collection is her debut in the NFT world, and you can’t miss it! She enjoyed zipping a tequila Casa Dragones in her beautiful Waterford Lismore Crystal Snifter while creating the CoCo Universe.

Tech Developer

Andres Contreras

Expert technology developer and NFT collection builder (of ERC721 and ERC1155 standards). A proud romantic, Andres pairs his Diplomático Ambassador Rum with John Legend’s All Of Me.


Santiago Rodriguez

CoCo’s NFT connoisseur, Santiago has been an avid collector since 2018 and has been consulting innovative businesses for the past 10 years. A fellow ColdPlay fan, he too plays Viva La Vida while enjoying a glass of Rum Zacapa XO.

Join the CoCo B.C.

Connect with the CoCo Bottle Club team as well as other enthusiasts, collectors and specialists in our private Discord chat to learn more about the membership and be the first to know about our next mint.


Yes — our community is created for anyone who is interested to learn more about the membership and be the first to know about our upcoming releases and mints. Once you join the community, you’ll be invited to the CoCo Bottle Club chat on Discord.

Once you purchase a CoCo Bottle Club membership or an NFT from one of our rare bottle releases, you can verify your asset in the #Verify_your_NFT channel on our Discord server.

Once verified, you’ll unlock your access to a private channel. the special channel will appear.
As long as you’re a member or NFT owner in good standing, you’ll be able to access the channel.

Yes, CoCo Bottle Club has successfully acquired its founding collection: The Single Malt Legends — a series of Ultra Special and Unicorn bottles curated exclusively by Andy Simpson, one of the most respected professional whisky valuer, broker, and Keeper of The Quaich.
All bottles are insured and currently stored in a specialised warehouse in the UK, and will be released for purchase and collection in Q4 2022.

You don’t have to become a CoCo Bottle Club member to purchase an NFT for a Unicorn bottle, but you will only have access to the collection once the exclusive 48 hour minting window for our members expires.

Only a fixed number of global memberships will be available worldwide, so you’ll be part of a private community of enthusiasts that are passionate about luxury spirits and IRL experiences.
You’ll get access to an exclusive whitelist minting window for every Unicorn bottle collection released, 48 hours ahead of everyone else.
Your membership also awards you ownership of an NFT and a unique artwork featuring a character designed by an independent artist, as well as invites to members-only parties where you can taste Ultra Special bottles by the special collectibles by the world’s top distilleries.
Plus — once you’re a CoCo Bottle Club member, you get exclusive access for life — no renewals or maintenance fees needed.

Join our Discord chat and follow us on Twitter to get notified when we release our first collection of Unicorn bottles in 2022.

Ultra Special bottles are unique and limited collectibles that members can buy and taste at select events and locations. These bottles will be divided into 25-30ml dram or shots.
A Unicorn bottle is an exceptional and ultra rare bottle that is difficult to acquire. The number of fractions per bottle will depend on the cost, a single NFT is attached to a single fraction. We’re currently working with a mathematician to perfect the pricing of each NFT for our first bottle collection.

The short answer is yes. Web 3.0 technology ensures that you have full ownership and responsibility for the safety of your assets.
To support this, we’ll apply standard practices to prevent fraud — we will never send you a direct message or email, and all communications will be announced in our private and secured Discord chat.

To learn more about safety practices in NFT purchases, you can read this article.

Every bottle acquired by CoCo comes with an insurance certificate and is verified by commercial contract regulations in the United Kingdom. For more information, you can speak directly to our team through our Discord or Telegram channel.

At CoCo, we take the long game of luxury collecting and appreciation seriously. We’re committed to bringing as much value as possible to our members. Here’s an initial look at how we’ll utilise proceeds from our membership sales.

Join the CoCo B.C.

Connect with the CoCo Bottle Club team as well as other enthusiasts, collectors and specialists in our private Discord chat to learn more about the membership and be the first to know about our next mint.